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About Elara's Latest Novel: "Corporate Femdom"

Uncover a world of passion, power, and pleasure as you delve into the complex relationship between Ethan and Isabella. A tale that promises to touch the hearts and arouse the minds of those who dare to explore their submissive desires.

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A voice of wisdom, warmth, and elegance in the literary world. Dive into her life, her thoughts, her works, and her world. Learn more about Elara

Exclusive Interview

Join an intimate conversation with Elara, conducted by a dear friend and fellow author, Julian Field, as they discuss her inspirations, her process, and her new book. Read the full interview

A Glimpse into "Corporate Femdom"

Isabella's chair creaked as she pushed it back, her eyes fixed on the kneeling figure before her, his shoulders quaking with sobs. There was a distinct sound, a heart-wrenching whimper that reached her ears, compelling her to look closer.

She extended her bare foot, gently raising his chin until his eyes met hers. What she saw took her aback. He was crying like a lost child, his eyes swollen and red, his face contorted in agony.

"Aww, what happened to my baby?" she cooed, her voice soft, tender, maternal. The word 'baby' hung in the air, a term of endearment, a symbol of his complete and utter surrender to her.

"Come here, let me give you a big hug," she beckoned, her legs astride, her arms open.

"He crawled to her, his body wracked with sobs, his dignity shattered. She wrapped her arms around him, soothing him, wiping his tears with a delicate napkin, treating him with the care and affection reserved for a child or a man who had lost all sense of self.

"There, there, don't cry," she whispered, kissing his forehead and allowing her compassion to flow, to heal, and to conquer.

In that moment, under her tender care, his anxiety melted away, replaced by a primal need, a longing, a desire that was beyond his control. He was erect, overwhelmed by a hidden submissive side that she had touched, that she had awakened.

She sensed his arousal, his need, his vulnerability, and it excited her, fueled her desire to dominate, to control, to reduce this grown project leader to a whimpering, crying excuse of a baby.

Slowly, deliberately, she unbuttoned her almost transparent white shirt, revealing a set of huge, round, firm breasts, each one a symbol of her femininity, her power, her control.

"Come here, let me give you a big hug," she beckoned, her legs astride, her arms open.

"Ethan wants his milk, does he?" she cooed, guiding him to her nipple.

About Elara

Welcome to my world! I'm Elara Stone, an author with a passion for storytelling, healthy eating, and a deep understanding of the complexities of human nature. My life has been a journey filled with creativity, warmth, and a continuous quest for knowledge.

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, I pursued my love for literature, obtaining a Master's degree in Creative Writing from the University of Minnesota. My academic background reflects my profound connection with storytelling and my desire to delve into what makes us all human.

In my professional life, I've been writing for many years, starting in historical fiction under various pen names. My new novel "Corporate Femdom" represents a departure, a burning desire I've harbored for years to explore the world of dominance and submission in an authentic and nuanced way.

I'm also a single mother, raising my wonderful son in our cozy and well-decorated home in Vermont. We enjoy spending quality time together, laughing, reading, and nourishing our minds and souls. Oh, and I mustn't forget my loving cat, who often curls up beside me as I write.

You might be surprised to know that, unlike Isabella, the commanding figure in "Corporate Femdom," I don't own a single pair of high heels! You'll usually find me in comfortable, practical footwear, often wearing my favorite pajama pants as I write.

And for those inquisitive minds: yes, I do maintain a discreet relationship with a slave (he doesn't live with me, mind you!). It's all a part of my nature, but rest assured, it's nothing too serious. Just a delightful detail that adds a touch of spice to my life! 😊

My philosophy is grounded in reality, and I believe in the spectrum of dominance and submission. I view every male as possessing some level of submissiveness and have channeled my own entirely dominant nature into crafting a novel that resonates with a large readership.

I welcome you to explore my website, learn about my latest novel, and join me in a world where creativity, wisdom, and real-world insight come together.

Warm regards,
Elara Stone

I love the snow


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Maxwell was pacing rapidly in the living room, like a lion in a cage, his anticipation evident. Overwhelmed by the idea that the most stunning woman was right there in his shower, his imagination ran wild. The urge, the primal need, was palpable. How could he continue to resist when every fiber of his being was calling him to her? Yet, he reminded himself of the risks, his career, and the boundaries. He tried to rationalize, thinking perhaps if he just stood outside the shower to catch a whiff of her soap without her knowing. But as he took his first steps back towards the bedroom, her voice stopped him. "Max?"

Quickly, he moved away, wanting to give the impression he'd been elsewhere. "Yes?" he replied, hurrying back, "Did you call me?"

She laughed from behind the shower curtain. "Yes, Max is your name, right?"

"Well, my name is Maxwell," he responded, trying to maintain some semblance of control over the situation.

From the shower, her voice playful, she countered, "Well, to me, you're just Max."

He pondered her words, slightly taken aback. She was now defining his identity? But he found himself replying simply with, "Okay."

Continuing her playful interrogation from the shower, she emphasized his new moniker, "So, Max? Did you shower today?"

"Yes, of course," he replied, trying to keep his voice even.

She let out a feigned sigh of disappointment. "Aww, shucks," she lamented, her voice dripping with mischief, "I love to soap boys." Her giggle echoed through the room.

I should have said no, he chided himself internally. Here was the universe presenting him with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and he was spewing the truth like a complete fool. The intensity of his arousal was hard to hide as he rushed to the kitchen, opening the refrigerator to grab ice cubes, which he pressed against his groin. He needed to regain some semblance of control.

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Maxwell took a long look at her, a vision of beauty unparalleled by any he had seen before, even in the glossy pages of magazines he perused in his penthouse's seclusion. "What are your hobbies?" she asked, her gaze fixed on him. At that moment, Maxwell couldn't think straight, entranced by her allure and the tender caress of her fingers on his earlobe. As silence lingered, Isabella arched her eyebrow ever so slightly, pulling Maxwell back to reality as he stuttered, "You.... You mean... My hobbies, yes?" His throat felt parched. Isabella continued her gentle caress before softly uttering, "Yea..." He hesitated, clearly distracted by her touch. Her fingers, now tracing the intricate curves of his ear, sent electrifying shivers down his spine. Every touch, every caress heightened his arousal. Mustering every ounce of willpower, he managed to focus on their conversation, "I have those... hobbies... I mean these are not hobbies... well perhaps you could say they are hobbies." Sensing his confusion and seizing the moment, she leaned in closer and whispered, "And what about Liam's hobby?"

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Divisional Femdom: They Followed Their Hearts

Divisional Femdom book cover

The much anticipated third book in the "Isabella" series, "Divisional Femdom," 723 pages of pure femdom gold. You won't last even one chapter!

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Femdom Therapy: Sometimes, Meeting the Right Woman Is the Cure

Femdom Therapy book cover

Beatrice Sterling, a commanding figure who captures the obsessive attention of David Townsend. His seemingly innocent voyeurism across the street morphs into an unbridled stalking, leading to intense encounters of tease and denial, CBT, and a unique blend of maternal dominance. This riveting novella promises to enthrall readers within its succinct yet powerful narrative.

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Office Femdom:

Office Femdom book cover

"Office Femdom," lays the foundation of Isabella Turner's journey into the tech industry straight from MIT, showcasing her innate ability to lead and inspire. As she begins her ascent, Maxwell Hartfield, a director at Vortex, becomes the first to be spellbound by her charismatic presence. The narrative delves deep into the human psyche, exploring the intricate dynamics of power, respect, and the captivating allure of authority.

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Department Femdom:

Department Femdom book cover

"Department Femdom" continues Isabella Turner's story in Vortex. Starting from the point where she commands a team of 60, where her influence captivating all levels of the corporate hierarchy. Maxwell, her superior, becomes irresistibly drawn into her orbit, while Walter, Maxwell's boss, is also profoundly affected, leading to a complex narrative of power, control, and irresistible allure.

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Corporate Femdom:

Corporate Femdom book cover

Her other novel, "Corporate Femdom," transports readers a few years forward, where Isabella Turner, now in her early 30s, reigns over Vortex Innovations, commanding the allegiance of thousands. When Ethan Mitchell, a valuable asset due to his niche expertise, joins Vortex, Isabella, a master at navigating and constructing corporate ladders, plucks him from his position. As Ethan is pulled into the swirling vortex of Isabella's world, he finds himself caught in a web of power plays, vulnerability, and raw emotions. His descent into submission reaches profound depths, yet amidst the power dynamics and emotional tumult, a tale of deep love between a Mistress and her pet unravels. Each narrative twist further entwines Ethan in Isabella's captivating control, unraveling a tale of love, devotion, and transformation.

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Back in Time: A Short Story Inspired by My Own Journey:

Back in Time book cover

"Back in Time" offers readers a captivating glance into the formative years of Elara Stone's life during her time in Minnesota. Venturing beyond the realm of erotica, this short story cleverly weaves a tale of daily routines, bus rides to the university, and a serendipitous discovery about a bank manager that opens the door to the intriguing world of BDSM. But this is no ordinary narrative about dominance and submission. Elara masterfully plays with the concept of time, challenging perceptions and delivering unexpected twists. It's a testament to her brilliance, shedding light on personal revelations about female-led relationships and the profound moments that shape our understanding of love and power. A must-read, "Back in Time" offers both a mind-bending concept and a heartwarming reflection on Elara Stone's journey of self-discovery.

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Other Works:

Elara Stone has also published under various pen names in the historical fiction genre. While this website focuses on her latest venture into corporate Femdom and erotica, her previous works reflect a deep connection to history, storytelling, and human nature. More information on these works can be found at local bookstores and online platforms.

Interview with Elara Stone

On a crisp winter morning in Vermont, I found myself driving to the secluded home of my dear friend, Elara Stone. The snowflakes danced around my car, the landscape dotted with snow-capped trees. Elara's home, nestled in this winter wonderland, beckoned with warmth and elegance.

I've known Elara for many years, our bond rooted in our shared passion for storytelling, authenticity, and the complex interplay of human emotions. Her invitation had come at a time when I was eager to delve deeper into her creative world, especially given her latest foray into corporate Femdom and erotica.

Stepping inside her home, I was greeted by the subtle scent of burning wood and the gentle purr of her cat. Over cups of steaming herbal tea, we settled into her cozy writing space, filled with books, photographs, and a crackling fireplace's soft glow.

As our conversation unfolded, Elara's eyes sparkled with insight and wisdom. She opened up about her life, her inspirations, and her recent novel, "Corporate Femdom." Our chat was filled with laughter, reflection, and a profound connection that only two creative minds can share.

Join me as we explore the world of Elara Stone, the brilliant author behind the compelling characters of Isabella and Ethan, and uncover the depth and complexity of her thoughts, her art, and her soul.

Julian Fields: Elara, thank you for welcoming me into your home today. It's been a while since we last caught up, and I must say, the atmosphere here is just as enchanting as I remember. How have you been, my dear friend?

Elara Stone: Julian, it's wonderful to have you here again. I've been doing well, immersed in writing, of course. The quiet solitude of Vermont's landscapes never fails to inspire me.

Julian Fields: Your new novel, a tantalizing dive into corporate Femdom, is creating quite a buzz. I know many readers are eagerly anticipating the scenes of dominance, submission, and sensual exploration. What was your main goal in writing this novel, and how did you approach the task of arousing your readers while maintaining a depth of character and plot?

Elara Stone: Ah, that's an insightful question, Julian. You see, my primary goal was indeed to craft an erotic experience that would tantalize and arouse the reader, to lead them and to drive them over a precipice of desire with no way back, or to put it in more colloquial terms – to make them rock hard and disturbed. But I also wanted to create something more. I believe that dominance and submission are not just abstract concepts. They are a part of human nature, embedded within our relationships and interactions. This novel is my way of exploring those dynamics in a setting that's both familiar and intriguing - the corporate world. My own experiences in life, my understanding of human nature, and my own dominant nature have helped me navigate that delicate line. It's an erotic novel, yes, but it's one that's grounded in genuine emotion and a real understanding of the human condition.

Julian Fields: Speaking of experiences, your connection with both dominant and submissive personalities is no secret. How has that personal journey shaped your portrayal of characters like Isabella and Ethan? And how much of Elara Stone is reflected in these fictional creations?

Elara Stone: My personal journey has indeed shaped the way I write these characters. Being a dominant myself, I can connect with Isabella's strength and confidence. But I also believe that a true dominant understands the submissive side as well. That empathy and insight helped me craft Ethan's character. As for how much of me is in them, I'd say my characters are always a blend of imagination and personal truths. They are not me, but they are shaped by my understanding of the world.

Julian Fields: Elara, let's dive into the fascinating character of Isabella Turner. She's portrayed as this dominant figure, exuding power and sensuality, especially through her choice of high heels. Can you speak about how Isabella embodies a fantasy for many readers, particularly in the context of her relationship with Ethan?

Elara Stone: Ah, Isabella, she's indeed a complex character. While she does wear high heels and dresses with a commanding elegance, it's important to note that she's an exaggeration of what I believe dominant women to be. In reality, I think powerful women don't necessarily need to wear heels, and in fact, I personally don't own any stiletto high heels. But in crafting Isabella, I wanted to arouse the readers and touch on those hidden needs of submissive men, making her an erotic and captivating figure.

Julian Fields: Isabella's character is incredibly powerful and enigmatic. How did you craft her character to be so tantalizingly dominant yet vulnerable? What research or experiences informed this creation?

Elara Stone: Isabella's dominance was inspired by strong, confident women who defy traditional gender roles. I wanted to create a character who was unapologetically powerful yet had moments of vulnerability that made her human. Researching female leaders, understanding the dynamics of BDSM relationships, and drawing from personal observations helped me shape Isabella's unique personality.

Julian Fields: Can you expand on the spiritual or existential connection Ethan feels with Isabella? How did this element of their relationship evolve as you wrote their story?

Elara Stone: Ethan's connection with Isabella transcends mere physical attraction. As I was writing their story, I realized that Ethan's need for submission was not just a fleeting desire; it was a profound longing that connected to his very sense of self. Isabella's dominance fulfilled something deep within him, a need that he hadn't understood before. This spiritual connection grew organically as I explored their characters, adding layers of complexity to their relationship.

Julian Fields: Ethan's love for Isabella seems to overshadow everything else in his life, including his family. What was your intention in creating this intensity, and how do you think it resonates with readers who may feel similar emotions?

Elara Stone: Julian, if one has ever experienced the profound and unique love between a submissive and their Mistress, or vice versa, this question might be perceived differently. What I'm exploring is a love that springs from a primal need, deeply etched in the psyche of a submissive man. Once Isabella brought Ethan from his empowered position as a project manager down to his knees, stripping him of dignity, something profound occurred. In that moment of complete surrender, where one might think his future looks bleak, his love for his Mistress begins to blossom. It grows with such ferocity that it obliterates everything else - his marriage, his work, his status become inconsequential in comparison to this newfound love. To call this an obsession would be an understatement; to regard his family and loving wife Sophie as mere obstacles would betray a lack of understanding of the phenomenon at hand. Those who haven't experienced this specific form of love may find it difficult to resonate with the frequency I'm transmitting on here.

Julian Fields: Your portrayal of Ethan's submissive desires seems to touch on the unspoken needs of some men. Can you speak about how you approached this sensitive subject and what you hope to offer readers who may identify with Ethan?

Elara Stone: I approached Ethan's submissive desires with empathy and authenticity. I wanted to create a safe space for readers to explore these desires without judgment. By crafting a nuanced, respectful portrayal, I hope to offer readers a chance to see themselves in Ethan's journey, to feel understood and seen, and to explore their own desires through the lens of fiction.

Julian Fields: Your authenticity certainly shines through, and I think that's what makes your characters so compelling. Let's talk about your writing process. You've shared before that you write in both digital and traditional formats. What drives you to put pen to paper in this digital age, and how does that affect your creative flow?

Elara Stone: Writing with a pen, for me, is a tactile and intimate experience. There's something about the feel of paper, the way ink flows, that connects me with my thoughts in a way that typing on a keyboard doesn't. I believe it makes my writing more organic and honest. I often write my initial drafts with a pen before moving to the digital platform for editing and refining. It's a blend of the old and the new that works beautifully for me.

Julian Fields: I can see how that physical connection with the words enhances your creativity. You've mentioned before that you've written other books under different names and in different genres. Can you tell us a bit more about that? What drives you to explore these varied literary landscapes?

Elara Stone: Writing is a journey, Julian, and I love exploring different paths. I've written under different pseudonyms in genres like historical romance and psychological thrillers. Those names and genres allow me to experiment with different voices, styles, and themes. Each one is a unique adventure that lets me grow as a writer. The core of who I am remains constant, but the masks I wear let me dance in different literary ballrooms.

Julian Fields: It's fascinating how you manage to dance so gracefully in these different ballrooms. Let's shift gears a bit and talk about your personal life. How does Elara Stone, the dominant, balance her relationships, motherhood, and the creative process?

Elara Stone: Balance is an art I'm always learning, Julian. Being a mother is a joy and a responsibility that I treasure. It requires nurturing, love, and patience. My dominant nature might seem at odds with this nurturing side, but I believe they complement each other. Dominance, to me, is not about control but understanding, guidance, and strength. It's these qualities that I bring to my relationships, whether with my child, my friends, or my slave. And they all contribute to my creative process. My home, my relationships, and my writing—they are all interconnected.

Julian Fields: Your wisdom and depth never cease to amaze me, Elara. Let's talk about your choice of a pen name. You've been very open about Elara Stone being a pseudonym. What led you to choose this name, and what does it represent for you?

Elara Stone: Thank you, Julian. Choosing a pen name is a very personal decision, and it's almost like naming a child. "Elara" was a name that resonated with me from mythology, a symbol of grace and mystery. "Stone" represents strength, resilience, and the grounding force in my life. Together, they form a persona that embodies my writing spirit for this particular genre.

Julian Fields: You've built such a rich and intriguing persona. Moving to your latest work, can you tell us about the two-year journey before you even wrote the first letter? That's a long time to develop a novel. What was happening during that time, and how did it shape the book?

Elara Stone: Those two years were filled with contemplation, research, and simmering ideas. It was a time of personal growth and self-discovery. The characters, especially Isabella and Ethan, lived inside my head, whispering, arguing, loving. I wanted to understand them, to know their fears, desires, and dreams. I read books, talked to people, observed life, all to make them real. By the time I sat down to write, they were not just characters on a page, but living, breathing beings. That's what those two years gave me, and I believe it's what makes the novel come alive.

Julian Fields: Your dedication to your characters and their world is remarkable. As a reader, I could feel that authenticity. Now, you've mentioned that you believe every male is on a submissive spectrum. That's quite a bold statement. Could you elaborate on that?

Elara Stone: It is bold, isn't it? But it's something I've come to believe through my experiences and observations. Every individual has a unique blend of dominant and submissive traits. In some men, the submissive traits may be more pronounced, but they exist in varying degrees in all men. It's not a weakness but a part of human complexity. Recognizing and accepting these traits can lead to a richer understanding of oneself and others. My novel explores this spectrum, and I hope it will make readers reflect on their own nature.

Julian Fields: That's profound, Elara, and it certainly adds another layer to your novel. Speaking of reflections, how do you see yourself in the world of literature, and where do you see yourself going from here?

Elara Stone: In the world of literature, I see myself as a constant learner and explorer. Writing has always been a journey for me, and I don't believe I've reached my destination yet. With every new book, every new genre, I discover a part of myself I never knew existed. Writing under different names has allowed me to experiment, to push boundaries, to grow.

As for where I'm going from here, the journey continues. There are stories inside me waiting to be told. Characters who are begging to be brought to life. I will keep writing, keep exploring, keep growing. The satisfaction of creating something from nothing, of putting words together to form emotions, thoughts, and worlds is something I can't resist. And as long as readers connect with my work, I'll keep sharing my soul with them.

Julian Fields: You've mentioned your life in a rather cold state, your cat, your child, and your cozy home. Can you give us a glimpse into your daily life, how you balance being a mother, an author, and the other roles you play?

Elara Stone: Balance is the key word, Julian, and it's a constant challenge. My days are filled with writing, taking care of my son, nurturing our home, and yes, spending quality time with my cat. I often write in my pajama pants, at my cozy desk, with a cup of tea by my side. It's not glamorous, but it's real, and it's me.

My son is my inspiration, my strength, and sometimes, my toughest critic. I write when he's at school or asleep, stealing moments to put pen to paper. I make sure to eat healthily, to take care of myself, because if I'm not well, I can't be there for my family or my readers. And as for my dominant nature, well, it finds its way into my life and my writing, but always with kindness and warmth. That's who I am.

Julian Fields: I can feel the warmth and genuineness in your words. One final question, Elara, if you don't mind. What do you hope readers will take away from your new novel, and what message, if any, are you trying to convey?

Elara Stone: Well let’s not forget that this is an erotic novel so my main goal is to physically arouse the readers to the point where their submissive desires are taking them out of balance. But I also want them to see themselves in the characters, to reflect on their own desires, fears, and dreams. The novel explores themes of power, control, love, and self-discovery. It's a story about finding one's true self, embracing it, and learning to love and be loved. If my readers can take away a sense of understanding, empathy, or even a spark of self-realization, then I'll consider my job done.

Julian Fields: Thank you, Elara, for this insightful and intimate conversation. Your passion for your craft and your characters shines through, and I'm sure readers will be as captivated by your novel as I am by your words.

Elara Stone: Thank you, Julian. It's been a pleasure.

This concluded my intimate and enlightening conversation with Elara Stone. Her thoughtfulness, wisdom, and authenticity shone through every answer, leaving me with a profound sense of understanding and appreciation for her work. "corporate femdom" is sure to be a novel that not only is extremely erotic but also challenges the reader to reflect on their own hidden desires, relationships, and understanding of dominance and submission.

If you're a fan of compelling characters, mind-boggling themes, and a writer who isn't afraid to explore the intricate dynamics of human emotion, Elara Stone's latest novel may just be the next must-read for you.

A Different Side of Elara

Beyond the passionate tapestry of most of my writings, there exists a realm of stories that tread on the gentle cadences of life, emotions, and family ties. These tales, unlike the fervent narratives I'm often known for, capture the subtleties of human relationships, the unspoken judgments we hold, and the transformative power of understanding and acceptance.

The tale of Eleanor is one such narrative. Set against the backdrop of societal expectations and personal shame, it's a story that many might find relatable. A story of a young girl's journey from embarrassment to pride, from hiding shadows to the revealing light of love and acceptance.

Eleanor's Journey

In the lively town of Bellridge, where a father's stature was often defined by the sweat of his brow and the calluses on his hands, lived a young girl named Eleanor. Fathers were typically strong figures, working as mechanics, loaders, or truck drivers. These were men of craft and strength, the very picture of masculinity.

But Eleanor's father was different, and it filled her with deep, profound shame. Her father was a music teacher, his hands more accustomed to the delicate touch of a violin's strings than the robust grip of a wrench. After his work at school, he would play his violin in the local orchestra and at the church. A violin! The very thought would make Eleanor's cheeks burn with embarrassment, her heart weighed down by the heavy burden of her father's unmanly profession.

Her mother, a respected lawyer, and the family's breadwinner, was a source of pride for Eleanor. She represented strength and success. But her father, with his gentle nature and love for music, became a hidden wound, a secret she guarded fiercely.

Her primary school years were overshadowed by this relentless shame. The other children had fathers who were symbols of physical might, and Eleanor's father's devotion to something as delicate as the violin seemed to make her less in the eyes of her peers. The discord between her father's passion and the town's expectations gnawed at her, a constant reminder of what she wished her family could be.

As the family grew and thanks to her mother's diligent work, they could afford to move to a new town. They settled in a place called Wrenfield, far from Bellridge and its memories. High school was a fresh start for Eleanor, a chance to leave behind the whispers and questioning glances.

Wrenfield was a new beginning, and Eleanor was determined to keep her father's profession buried. No one at her new school needed to know; no one in this new town would ever find out. She made friends quickly, her bubbly personality and charm drawing people to her.

But the invitations came, the requests to visit her home, and the fear began to creep in. How could she let anyone see her father, with his soft smile, his gentle touch on the strings of that dreaded violin?

Eleanor's resourcefulness proved handy. She scheduled visits during her father's rehearsals or orchestra performances, ensuring that no one would ever encounter him, never hear the sweet, melodic notes that would often fill their home.

When it was time for Eleanor to date boys, her father's secret became an even more pressing concern. Every date was arranged to take place outside her home, always at a safe distance of at least 100 feet away. She made it a point to arrive earlier, sometimes waiting anxiously for half an hour, to ensure her dates would never come knocking on her door. Her father's passion for the violin, a deep and profound part of his soul, was hidden away like a shameful secret. Eleanor's heart raced at the mere thought of her secret being discovered, and each date was shadowed by the fear that one wrong move could expose the truth and unravel her carefully constructed world.

Then came Ethan, a charismatic and handsome young man who stole Eleanor's heart. He was everything she admired, and she was truly, profoundly interested in him. But the fear lingered, the fear that he would discover her father's love for the violin.

As Eleanor and Ethan's relationship progressed, the day came for their first date. Eleanor was in the shower, filled with nervous excitement, when she thought she heard the doorbell ring. Panic washed over her as she realized Ethan must have arrived early.

Rushing out of the shower, she dried her hair frantically, a sinking feeling in her stomach. She hadn't been prepared for Ethan to arrive so soon, and worst of all, her father was playing the violin! How could he embarrass her like this at such a crucial moment?

Dressed hastily, she ran to the living room, ready to apologize to Ethan, to explain away her father's eccentric passion. But as she entered the room, Ethan looked up, a genuine smile lighting his face. "Eleanor, you never told me your father was such an incredible musician!" he exclaimed, completely enchanted by the music.

Eleanor was taken aback, her mind racing to understand what she was seeing. Here was Ethan, not mocking or scornful but truly appreciative of her father's talent. It was a moment that changed everything for her, a realization that what she had feared and hidden was something beautiful.

On the day of their wedding, Eleanor stood at the entrance of the beautifully adorned chapel, heart pounding with anticipation, smiling at Ethan from afar. She was lost in thoughts of their future together when suddenly, a single pure note broke the silence.

The violin.

Then, a few more notes, soft and tender. It was her father playing, and she realized with a start that Ethan must have insisted on it. He had seen the beauty in her father's music that she had overlooked for so long.

As the melody grew, the violin paused momentarily, and Eleanor's gaze shifted to an unexpected sight. An entire orchestra of fifteen players entered, their instruments poised and ready. One by one, they bowed deeply to Eleanor's father, a gesture of respect and recognition for the great musician he truly was. This was Ethan's surprise, a magical moment he had prepared in honor of her father without her ever knowing.

With her father leading on the violin, the music enveloped the chapel, capturing the essence of Eleanor's transformative journey. As she walked down the aisle towards Ethan, tears glistened in her eyes. It wasn't just the overwhelming joy of her wedding day. It was the profound realization of how deeply respected and admired her father was, a gem of a man she had once hidden from the world. The pain of years spent in needless embarrassment was washed away by the pride and love she now felt.

My Summer Camp long lasting impression

When I was a kid, I remember at summer camp, I witnessed a remarkable scene that left a lasting impression on me. There were two team leaders, each leading their own group of kids, but they were playing among themselves, too. One particular incident stood out to me: a female team leader was ‘wrestling’ a male team leader. Despite being evenly matched in age, she displayed remarkable skill and strength, effortlessly pinning him down. I vividly remember the look of shame on his face as he lay helpless beneath her, his hands bound behind his back. She held them there using her weight so her hands were completely free. She taunted him, emphasizing her dominance as a woman over him as a man. Then, with a small branch from a nearby tree, she playfully teased his nose, causing him to feel a mix of irritation and discomfort, spurring him to escape. He attempted to tilt his head to the left, but she effortlessly adjusted the branch to his new position. When he tried to move to the right, she followed him there. In a final attempt, he shook his head from side to side, hoping to avoid that touch trying to gain some semblance of dignity. However, she seized his chin with one hand, immobilizing him. Helpless, he succumbed to the sensation as she continued to tease his nose, rendering him unable to escape. I was watching it from about 20 feet away. Other kids were not paying so much attention. But I was fixated. It was such a strong arousal that I couldn’t understand. So that’s why I continue using this trope today. Reiko teasing Maxwell with her toe at the pillory (book 3) is just one example.

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